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how long can i live before i die if i have liver cirrhosis?

hey,i have had experienced huge discomforts in the lower right ribs after drinking.i had usually gave my self breaks from alcohol til i drank again,but about a week ago i took some alcohol while experiencing this discomfort and i have been experiencing fatigue,back discomforts and developed lymph nodes in my right thigh.what can i take or do? i just need help am really scared.could this be  cirrhosis and is it in the last stage?
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What can you do.
Stop drinking and see a doctor.

In general cirrhosis takes many years to develop. Early cirrhosis seldom has any symptoms. Once cirrhosis become more advanced symptoms will begin to develop as the liver fails.

What Are the Symptoms of Cirrhosis of the Liver?
The symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver vary with the stage of the illness. In the beginning stages, there may not be any symptoms. As the disease worsens, symptoms may include:

Loss of appetite
Lack of energy (fatigue), which may be debilitating
Weight loss or sudden weight gain
Yellowing of skin or the whites of eyes (jaundice)
Itchy skin
Fluid retention (edema) and swelling in the ankles, legs, and abdomen (often an early sign)
A brownish or orange tint to the urine
Light colored stools
Confusion, disorientation, personality changes
Blood in the stool
This can all be prevented by stopping drinking to excess.

Your life, your choice

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Just to add a person can live many years with advanced liver disease especially if they stop the root cause of their liver disease.

I have been living with liver cirrhosis from hep c for 8 years now and live a normal life.
Hi Lynn, my names Mike and I have early stage alchoholic cirrhosis of the liver. I have stopped drinking, and wanted to say I'm doing better. Thank you for your encouragement, and positivity.
Hi Mike I’ve now been living a normal productive life with liver cirrhosis since January 2008 so for 12 years.

Congrats of quitting drinking that is the single most important thing you have done to protect your health and increase you chances of allowing your liver to possibly have a chance to heal
Hey Lynn, how are you. I wanted to tell you that They did bloodwork recently and everything  was good they said, except my bilirubin was 1.6, a little high. I was wandering  what medications you think are good, I'm watching my diet pretty well, and I am taking lactolos, milkthisle, and L- glutathione, for my liver. I also drink lots of water. I hope you're doing well, and Thank you.
I would only take what your doctor prescribes.

There is little to no evidence that milk thistle is effective.

As far as L-glutathione

“ Insufficient Evidence for

Build up of fat in the liver in people who drink little or no alcohol (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD). Early research shows that taking glutathione by mouth for 4 months might reduce blood levels of a marker of liver damage called ALT and triglyceride levels in people with liver disease not related to alcohol. However, glutathione does not appear to improve liver stiffness in people with this disease.”

In other words L-glutathione may possible help with fatty liver disease but cannot reduce liver scarring.

Unless your doctor ok’s you taking  L-glutathione I wouldn’t do it

There is no magic cure for cirrhosis.

Why are you taking lactulose? Do you have hepatic encephalopathy?
Hello Lynn, Yes I am taking lactolos for H.E, and to help with constipation, from what I eat.
Also my Doctor hasn't prescribed anything else but lactolos, and I think I was taking hydrochlorothiazide for a while. Is there anything that my Doctor should prescribe me other than these? Or that I should ask for? I know there is no magic cure but I'm just wandering. Thank you, Lynn.
HCZ (hydrochlorothiazide) is for lower led swelling called edema which is common with cirrhosis. It is a diuretic medicine. It can also treat Ascities which is swelling in the lower abdomen which can also be caused by cirrhosis.

Medicine for people with cirrhosis is to treat symptoms.

If you don’t have a symptom you don’t need a medicine or treatment. Cirrhosis is an illness of watchful waiting.

As you are taking lactulose do you have hepatic encephalopathy also called HE?

Symptoms of HE:

People may experience:
Common symptoms: confusion, fatigue, flapping hand tremor, sleepiness, bad breath from liver disease, irritability, memory loss, or slurred speech

Ok I missed your first comment that you do have HE.

Lactulose for those with cirrhosis is used primarily to treat hepatic encephalopathy not so much to treat constipation.

Having HE means you have decompensated cirrhosis.

Do you know your MELD score? Have you been evaluated for a liver transplant?
And as to your questions

“Is there anything that my Doctor should prescribe me other than these?”
No not unless you have symptoms that warrant additional medications.

“Or that I should ask for?”
No just be kind to your liver with a healthy diet, avoid sodium (salt), if overweight try to lose excess weight and exercise as allowed by your doctor.

This is the magic formula a healthy diet and exercise.
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Hi, Lynn has given you excellent advise, I was also diagnosed with the beginning of cirrhosis in 2008.  I changed a lot after that.  From what I have been told we can live a long life if we take care of ourselves.

Thank you Lynn, best answer.  I appreciate, Dee
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Thanks Dee

Guess we were both diagnosed early cirrhosis in 2008. I got the news in January 08
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Yes, Lynn, I had the biopsy in December, now that I think of it.  I think Howie found out around the same time.
Your answers are so good!
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If you could explain your drinking habits, we may be able to tell you if its likely.  You may have something else wrong, it actually pretty difficult to get Cirrhosis by Alcohol alone.
NO this is NOT true!
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If you are diagnosed with cirrhosis, there are various models:
Child–Pugh: https://www.mdcalc.com/child-pugh-score-cirrhosis-mortality
MELD: https://www.mdcalc.com/meld-score-model-end-stage-liver-disease-12-older
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