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leeking 3 days after a paracenteisis

3 Days after a para, i started to leek from the drain sight. The day before i thought I felt numb on that side. now its bigger on that side and numb. Should I be really worried.  Its  about 2 weeks until my next appointment.
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Call your transplant center now and let them know what is going on. If need be go to the ER and get it checked out. You don't want to get an infection or something worse. Always err on the side of caution. My ER and liver transplant tell me the something. Better to go in rather than miss something that could become serious.

We have a 24x7 phone number at out liver transplant center for all liver transplant patients, pre or post. We usually get a transplant doctor on call or a nurse in the transplant center. We tell them what the problem is, if there is any possible danger we are told to go to the ER to get the issue assessed. When at ER we tell the docs there to call and talk to liver transplant to get their input on the situation.

I have been in ER many, many times both before and after my transplant. Many late night runs to the ER. This is very routine both us and liver transplant and all transplant centers know expect issues and complications in their patients.

Good luck.
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Thank you Hector you always have good advice and will do that even though I've been in hospital for 18 of the last 31 days and want to be with my family  
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Hector's right, give them a call. I've sprung three leaks so far myself and we do the same thing to stop it, in my case, constant local pressure applied for a couple of hours - usually does the trick. But they should know about it for sure.
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Sure, I can understand not wanting to go back to the hospital and being with your family. I've had the same feeling often. But it is always best for us in the long run, should we notice any unexpected changes in our health, to notify our transplant folks. Sometimes what seems like a little thing can turn into a big thing very quickly. They have experience with hundreds if not thousands of others with cirrhosis and its complications so they know better than any one of us what can happen.

As I am sure you know we can have a flare up of a complication at any time. A variceal bleed, a very bad episode of HE (hepatic encephalopathy) or an ascites infection which can seem to come out of the blue. No matter how diligent we are at managing our cirrhosis it can have a life of its own. And when we have procedures/treatments done unexpected things can and do occur regardless of everyone's best intentions. At least that is my experience and the experience of many of my friends. That is the nature of dealing with a very complex disease. There are lots of high and lows and rarely much smooth sailing. But with with our own dogged persistence and the support of people around us we can get through it.

Hopefully you are okay and the leak has been stabilized.
Let us know how you are doing...AFTER you get to spend some home time with your family.
Be well.
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Thank you I Know your right, it seems as if i forget how to take care of this type of stuff.  Well any how i was able to stop the leek and it was just a little one and when i go in for my next para, I'm going to have them look at it. Its pretty even looking in stead of mostly 1 side. Man i never knew this was so painful and it seems as though I will not see the day when i just feel good with no pain there are days when i feel better than others but not days when i just can be content with the way i feel. Well good luck with your illness
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It sure helps by talking to others and realizing we're not alone is this mess. I first met Hector, Dee and the others on this forum, as I was mysteriously dragged into liver disease, and their help has been tremendous. I'm much like yourself, many not so good days but a good one every now and then.
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Advanced liver disease is a Marathon. Its about the long haul.
The journey has a lot of ups, downs and all arounds. There are very few if any rest stops. Sometimes you might feel like giving up and quitting. It often gets worse before it gets better. And it can always get a lot worse.
Somehow we hold on.
One day.
One hour.
One minute at a time is how we do it.

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