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My wife suffered another high ammonia attack that put her on a ventilator and intensive care for 10 days. she has end stage liver but was doing fine until this. Now she cant talk or control her body in the hospital now 11 days. We think she knows us and can answer simple questions with her head but that is it. Will she recover ? or does this mean she is close to dyeing or remaining like this the rest of her life ?
We don't know what to do at this point and we are very worried. Can some one tell us if there is any chance she will get better ? this is by far the worst thing that has happened to her and we cant do anything to help her
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So sorry to hear this about your wife but really the best person to discuss this with us her hepatologist.

Is she under the care of a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center? Has she been taking lactolose for her hepatic encephalopathy?

Has she been evaluated for a liver transplant and is she eligible for and willing to undergo a transplant?

With proper medical care she may recover from this current episode of HE but as she has very advanced ESDL it is probable the only way she will live for much longer is to under go a liver transplant.

End stage liver disease has its own course it may happen soon or she could go back and forth for months or even a year or more but at some point she sadly will pass away from liver disease if she does not have a transplant.

But her doctor is familiar with her case and should be the person you ask these questions about her prognosis.

Again so sorry to hear about your wife there are more aggressive methods to help her with this HE episode. One method is lactulose enemas also an antibiotic called Rifaximin which is a poorly absorbed antibiotic that is thought to reduce ammonia production by eliminating ammonia-producing colonic bacteria.

Best of luck to you both
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