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spider veins

Hello everyone,

since several years I have discreet spider veins on my chest I had them already when I was F3.
Now i am 3 years SVR and my US MRI showed no signs of cirrhosis.Even the fibroscan has gone slowly down.
Is it possible that the stay even after SVR?
I am worried about that.
Apreciate any answers or opinions
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Spider veins or nevi (plural of vein) can be caused by age, injuries, sun exposure, family history/ genetics, obesity, hormonal changes, or in advanced liver disease (cirrhosis), but often the cause is unknown. For most people, the veins are not a medical concern.

When they occur due to cirrhosis and the inability of the liver to function properly they are usually one of a number changes to the body that are caused by hormone deregulation. For a male there is a loss of the ability for the body to process testosterone and so there is a build of female hormones. The ratio of testosterone to estrogen balance is altered. This build up of female hormones can lead to the appearance of spider veins on the skin, a loss of body hair including pubic hair and Gynecomastia, the growth of breast tissue with the presence of a rubbery or firm mass extending concentrically from the nipples and testicular atrophy. Some or all of these complications can be seen in males with advanced cirrhosis.

As with all complications of cirrhosis the only permanent treatment, for even these benign conditions, as opposed to the life-threatening complications of cirrhosis, is reversal of the cirrhosis with its restoration of full liver function or a liver transplant where a new fully functional organ restores a person’s liver health.

Should spider veins be of concern they can be treated by a dermatologist using laser surgery.


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Thank you Hector for your answer.
If one is having spider veins or in my case discreete Teleangiectasia caused by Liver Problems,as the only sign of Liver related Body signs would one see other abnormalities in the US or in the clinical Picture.
My US are always normal and even the Fibroscan did improve.Blood work is normal too.

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