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I have dry mouth, burning tongue. Should i be worried?

Hi everyone! I am 30 years old male and i have been smoking for last 15 years. 3 weeks ago, after a long period of stressful days i have really bad stressful day and my tongue starts burning a lot. At first i dint see any changes on the surface but in a few days, it was still burning and my taste buts become irritated and red on the both sides the tongue. Also i have noticed that tip is very red and rest of the tongue is white and hairy. Over next few days i have developed dry mouth, slightly irritated throat - mostly in the morning when i wake up feeling thirsty. The red burning taste buds sometimes disappear but come back after few days. The worst thing is i have start to poke around with my tongue around my mouth and i noticed i have hard bony like lump on the roof of my mouth, back near the last tooth. Its not painful, and its invisible. I can only feel it if i press with my tongue - so i am not sure how long it was there. If i touch it with my finger it feels like part of a bone growing from my jaw or something.

I am giving it another week to see if symptoms change and i am going to see my GP, but in the meantime i am looking for some reassurance. Should i be worried? Does it sound like something serious? I think i am going crazy about worrying and googling. Thank you so much for any answer.
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