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Superior Pelvic Mass

Concerned about a pelvic mass. After meeting with the doctor we agreed to watch and wait.

Should this report concern me?

EXAM: Superficial pelvic mass ultrasound.
HISTORY: 38-year-old female with a subcutaneous mass in the left lower quadrant.
TECHNIQUE: Real-time grayscale ultrasound imaging was performed of the left lower quadrant near the pubic symphysis on 8/1/2019.
COMPARISON: CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis on 12/17/2018.
There is a subcutaneous hypoechoic lobulated mass with mild internal heterogeneity without calcifications and mild internal vascularity to the left of midline near the pubic symphysis that measures 3.6 x 1.4 x 2.7 cm. This does not have a normal fatty hilum of a lymph node.
IMPRESSION: Subcutaneous lobulated nodule is unchanged in transverse and AP diameters but may be mildly increased in the craniocaudal dimension. Recommend tissue sampling.
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You should follow the recommendation on the report.
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