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Blister On Lip?

Okay, so i have this blister on the center of my upper lip. Its not on top but in the middle of my lip. I woke up like this and im not sure what it is. It seemed to form over night? its not huge but its big enough to notice and keep me from leaving the house. it looks like a blister and its red around the surrounds of it. theres actually two when i look close. a bigger one and a smaller one located just about that. Its not itchy or anything but annoying. It looks like there is water in it. what is this? Please help. Its so nasty to have stuff like that on your out side where people can see. Is there anything i can do to at least calm it down ? or possibly treat it?

It does not look like a cold sore to me because usually it is around my mouth if i do get it. but this is so puzzling because it formed over night and i literally woke up like this. i dont remember eating anything that would cause this. i didnt have a cut on that part of my lip where it would have a chance to get infected. i basicallly dont feel like i did anything to make this happen. it just did. overnight. in abour 10 hours.

i hope it goes away just as fast as it came :/
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It sounds like a cold sore.  They can spread to different places and look different.  

I use to get this tingling feeling for years but never got the actual cold sore as I would put the cream on right away.  Then one morning I saw this tiny little bubble and I popped it!! bad mistake.  

Well the next time I woke up and I had a huge blister like bump on my lip that came out of the blue.  It was in fact a cold sore. I took the pills for treatment right away and it definitely made a difference.  

I know that you probably dont want to believe that is what it is but if you have had them before I am almost certain that is what it is, it has just come back in a different area on your mouth.
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