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Could I be making my partner sick?

My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a couple of months but we’ve begun to notice that every time we see each other, it’s almost guaranteed that he has flu like symptoms the next day (fever, aches, cold sweats, congestion) and these symptoms tend to clear up within 48 hours. But then we spend time together again and it’s been a continuous cycle. He’s been sick for a lot of our relationship. He also has ulcerative colitis which is under control but from what I understand, it has suppressed his immune system quite a bit. I also work as an EMT, so I am constantly around all types of people but I, myself never get sick. I do make an effort to shower before seeing him, especially if I’m getting off work. Could I be passing something onto him anyway via kissing/intimacy?
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That stinks!  How does he travel to see you? Is he in a high exposure area as he travels to see you and this lends itself to getting sick timing wise?  There is incubation period to consider.  Exposure to whatever virus that is making him sick any given time and then how long it takes to cause symptoms.  depending on WHEN he comes down with symptoms, it could be happening before he even sees you.  Often when you've had a lot of exposure to things like you do in your job, ya, you don't get sick.  Which is awesome.  But someone who doesn't have the same exposure will.  But really, if you think about pathogens and how they operate . . . it really doesn't make sense that he'd get sick after your work day.  While some pathogens can live on surfaces, how would this impact him? You shower and change clothes after work.  He's not going onsite with you to where sick people have been . . .  he's probably not touching a lot of your work tools/things.  You probably where gloves a lot.  So, it doesn't really make sense that you'd be passing things you encounter at work on to him.  I think it could just be coincidence.   So, keep washing your clothes, hands and use hand sanitizer when you can.  But I don't think this is you . . .  I think you have a sickly boyfriend to be honest.  Feel bad for him but you may have to decide if this would be a pain to live with if the relationship goes further.  good luck
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