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Dizzy/bppv?/sick flu like weakness/ faint felling etc

Really strange and nightmare health turn. all stated during trip to Cincinnati Ohio trip on may 12 I felt really bad and very weak like flu. So bad that took to wheelchair. But did hit back of head in soft spot on table as I was laying back on air mattress. Was fweling bad before though.Went to er on way back one nurse thought one ear was inflamed he had to dig around and looke good and he looked at tonsils said they were still to inlarged from the tonsillitis I had a month before thought body is still fighting it. But doc the actuly doc did not see me tell very end and said was just fatige tests show fine. Need more done but he would not do it.arge .Just wonding if that virus good have went to ear? Any way little bit better with rest
then all the vertigo and real bads nausa could not eat much for weeks lost 20ilbs.which told bppv no one would do eply had to wait a month to see ent.was given prednisone which put me in more daze and gave real cold bad shakes shot bloodpressure up 170 over 100 somthing and was then give after that that put me in complete brain fog/ weak couldn't thank which stoped after off it for a for few weeks but still don't feel right. so medicine may have prolonged this. Also noticed i was geting dizzy after using sinus rinse. Before trip .Was not as dizzy before and after doing them felt like i might have got water in ears so i shook my head alot. Wish i have never used the rinse.this was before trip. Now having still having a little balance issue but mainly truple with eyes thing i see move give bad feeling and they dont seem to want to focus and there alot blurrer then before all this started matter of fact eye doc first time seeing one said near sighted 20.50 but i know i could see clearer before all this. Also main thing still bothering me is eye thing even somtimes hurt and bothers eyes to look at phone. And can't focus and concentrate to whatch tv and light headed have wooshy swimy head fealing when moving at times.weak in daze feel like i going to faint some days and barly stay to myself like out of not conected to world.some Sorry for long story. Just want to get back to myself and well. Before all this went to Florida in 2016 did 3 theme parks one day no problems was well. Also have seen ent did vng thought bppv but it was a month in to symptoms so nysteagmes had stoped he though had slower moving fluid left side and a tiny nystagmus. So did eply sent home with to to do for left side. No ear pressure showed and no hearing loss becouse seen another ent to who done hearing test. But he almost is saying he don't think it's ears possable butsending me to nuraligist and vrt rehab.also all blood work they have done all the basics plus few others show good no high white blood count. Have had that many times due to er visits. Had ct said fine ultra  sound of abdominal and ct showed fine other than fatty lever. Only think I have been told is low vita d 13.4 and scored low on pulmonary stress test which showed low lung capicity 60 67 with inhaler but xray chest clear and test for copd says not predposed. Mid you did not have shot of breath before all mentioned I have spent days crying and so stressed out couse I can't do anything tell .also can't take any inhalers for side effects.all of them. Update recent spirometry came back nomal Any one have any ideas or advice just want life back.

now still swimy type headed light headed have trouble focusing eyes watching movement bothers me ever bad felling or almost some sort of disconnect hard to explain. vission has changed during all this as well. But eye doc says eyes fine just need glasses for nearsightedness 1.50 percription.  Cant wear caouse throughs more dizzyness and is just to much on top of everything.Eyes were fine or clearer before all this. Also heart rate is up some days when standing and moving can go all the way 136 to 140 pulse rate. Not always though last few days been down around 100 to 115 some time little lower?
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