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What causes white spots on one side of tonsils?

I have white spots on one side of my tonsils ( right side) and on the same side the lympnodes is tender to the touch and slightly swollen. No fever, or any other symptoms. Realized yesterday my lympnodes was diffrent and today i noticed the patches because i felt something odd when i swallowed...what could it be?..dnt have insurance at the moment, want to avoid out of pocket if its nothing to worry about. Thanks
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You may have a virus or an infection brewing.  Try not to overanalyze.  The lymph node is probably a reaction to fighting whatever is brewing.  If you have it in a month, that does need to get checked out.  Unless it starts to hurt, I'd just do the usual things of gargling with salt water, sleeping with a humidifier if you use heat in your home, drink tea, etc.  Get some extra rest.  And maybe your body will fight off whatever is trying to happen there.  I get sore throats from time to time that start to where it is scratchy or feels swollen.  And it might linger a day and then it goes away.  I feel like I probably fought something off.  And other times, it keeps on going and I get a worse sore throat and the rest of the symptoms.  So, wait to see what happens here.  But sore throat is often a virus and going to the doctor is unnecessary for viruses.  Only if it really hurts or you get a fever do you need to see the doctor.  Oh, and ibuprofen works wonders to take pain down a notch should you start to develop more classic symptoms.  But really, you don't need to look at your tonsils.  Just go by how it feels. good luck
Thank you, yea it doesn't hurt just annoying when i swallow because i can feel the white patches. Still no fever or anything and its been a few days.. just the white patches still.
Give them a chance to go away.  Odd you can feel them though.  You feel something in your throat but it doesn't hurt or isn't scratchy?
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