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post nasal drip and chest congestion

Ok, so, 4 weeks ago I had acute bronchitis. It DID eventually go away (for the MOST part) on it's own within 2-2.5 weeks; however, after the constant, initially hacking, but eventually crazy productive cough went away ....

almost immediately as that slowed down I developed a stuffy/runny nose.  Well, WITH that runny nose, NEW "cough" symptoms arose.  The "cough" had definitely changed and was not the same "bronchitis cough" from before.  It became LESS productive, but ....nonetheless, still productive if I coughed hard/long enough!

Since then, VERY SLOWLY my "runny/stuffy" nose has gotten progressively better, BUT....that lingering cough is still around.  What's different is that NOW I cough because I can "feel" mucus in my chest....I don't cough involuntarily...it's a conscious effort to try and "get it [phlegm] out of me!"  And when I do consciously cough, what comes up can be a surprise.  Often times it's very light yellow in appearance (not dark at all, but not quite clear) and quite sticky/thick (clumps almost....kinda looks like literal moist boogers/snot balls you would see in a stuffy nose).  

Oh, and AFTER the "bronchitis type cough" went away and the stuffy nose came, this "weird noise" when I exhaled (was told it was mucus making the noise) became a problem.  The whole time I had bronchitis, NO NOISE.  Now that I feel much better and the cough "changes", I have this almost  "wheeze sounding" noise....so weird.

I went to the doc a 2nd time thinking it was pneumonia (that sound freaked me out), but he listened to my lungs, looked up my nose, listened to my latest symptoms and he said "now you have post-nasal drip" and that is causing the NEW chest congestion.  He prescribed me Nasonex, and that is helping with the feeling of a stuffy nose, but....the cough is still around. (only been on nasonex for 3 days)

Is that normal?  Can you get a "chesty, productive cough" from post nasal drip?  If so, is it normal for that mucus that comes up to be quite sticky and thick and SLIGHTLY green?

I always read green=infection, but....I feel fine.  

And I only cough voluntarily to "get rid of stuff" that I know deep down IS in there.

The "exhaling wheezing type mucus in chest noise"  is getting better but still there.

Am I just being impatient?  

I'm starting to freak out that I have lung cancer or something?!  (p.s. 27 non smoker!)

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