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what is going on with my ears?

alright so long story short i got sick like 2 months ago and then i got an ear infection. i got antibiotics of course and it seemed to have partially cleared it. i went back to the doctor and all he told me was the ears looked fine. he told me such a strong antibiotic would have cleared it by know. but i still have pain. later i visit yet again and so far the doctor thinks im going crazy and its all in my head. so he give me an antidepressant. i got mad. so the next thing i do is make an appointment with the ENT. i went there yesterday and all he told me is the ears looked fine and he thinks its inflmmation of the jaw causing the symptoms so he gives me 2 weeks worth of ibuprofen and avoid chewing gum. he also told me to visit the dentist. but i still have ear pain and crackling in my ear that just comes and goes. and the ibuprofen is not working. know im considering just going to the emergency room so they could do some scan. what do you guys think?
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Firstly, it was very rude and ill-informed of your doctor to give you antidepressants! quite a lazy thing to do, frankly.

It seems to me like a jaw or jaw alignment issue. Have you injured your face or jaw recently? I remember having something similar once after a bad bout of cold and flu, made me think something is wrong with my entire jaw, causing my ears to crackle.

Wish you the best and hope this helps
im not sure yet. but i went to the clinic and an older doctor told me the ears looked very congested but not infected. she told me to take sudafed and claritin and the ibuprofen. im going back to the ent again wensday. im not sure but i think im gonna ask to get some test done like a ct scan or mri just to get this out of my head. it does however seem its getting better very slowly.
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