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Are there other ways to stop coughing besides cough suppressants

Hello. I've had a really bad cough due to the flu and the doctors said that I can not take a cough suppressant, because the flu could turn into pneumonia and also because I am a type one diabetic. Are there other ways besides cough suppressants to relieve a really bad cough.
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Unfortunately, a cough is a natural process of clearing fluid from your airway. Your doctor is right, if you suppress your cough the bacteria you are trying to expel out through your cough could cause pneaumonia. Stay healthy, lots of fluids, rest and let the flu play its course.
Do yourself a favor: as much as it sucks, push the fluids. Even if you have no appetite, drink drink drink. The water will help push the garbage out of you and thin the secretions. To soothe your throat from it, though, drink warm tea with some honey and lemon. Seriously. I know that sounds overrated, but it'll go a long way to easing the bronchitis. And your doctor is absolutely right - you have to cough to get rid of the crud. You do NOT want that going into pneumonia.
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Drink a lot. water therapy will help your body to fight cough and flu.
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