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Basically Scarlet Fever Without The Scarlet???

March 1st at 4 am, technically March 2nd, I woke up with a fever of 103. The fever persisted as low grade even with medications. (Advil and Tylenol fever reducer) I also have what feels like the worst sore throat ever. Literal burning whenever I swallow. (Only hot liquids help) I went to urgent care that Tuesday morning and they tested me for Covid, Flu and Strep. The wacky doctor that came in claimed "your throat looks fine and all your other vitals are normal." Besides the fact that my temperature was 99.3. After the "grace period" of 4 days, the fever and sore throat persisted so on March 7th I went to a different Urgent Care where I was told my "nostrils are swollen shut." He claimed that the "viral infection" I had in a week prior, in February, left my body defenceless and with allergy season "that's probably what's wrong" I have now been taking Mucinex, Cetirizine and Prednisone tablets(Prescribed to take at every meal) for 3 days. So far none of my original symptoms have gotten better, but I now have a cough and I feel an intense pressure in my lungs. I'm going to try to find a better doctor or just go to the hospital but I figured why not ask the internet first. (Also, no one else I've been around seems to have gotten it.) I'm about to quit my job at the Preschool because I have been sick with different viral infections every week since I started on January 31st.
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Did you only do the one covid test? The timing on it is tricky, and many people have gotten positives after testing numerous times.

You should be getting better though, if it's covid, and you aren't.

You work with little kids, who are basically germ factories, and they just pass those germs all around. You might have one of any number viruses that are normally just in kids. Did your doctors know you work around kids?

Of course, most viruses last a week or two, and then you're fine. Do you still have a fever?

The cough and chest pressure though bears checking. It could be bronchitis.

I hope you feel better!
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