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Can't breathe sometimes.

I just want to be okay :(
I had PFT's done and all my numbers are great. Results are below , but WHY WH YWHY WHY do I wsignificantly decreased functional lung capacity?!?!!? when all my other numbers are normal :( im so sick of worrying. I have postural orthostatic tachy. syndrome and lupus

my results say this "spirometry showed a forced vital capacity of 3.5 L which is 95% of predicted and FEV1 2.8L which is 96% of predicted FEV1/FVC is 81% The mid flow rates are moderately decreased. Significant improvement seen in mid flow rates with bronchodilator.

The lung volume shows normal vital capacity and total lung capacity . The functional residual capacity is severely impaired.

The diffusion is mildly impaired but when corrected to alveolar volume it is normal.

1. spirometry and flow volume loop show small airway disease; significant improvement seen in mid flow rates with administration of bronchodilators
2.lung volumes show significantly decreased fuctional residual capacity , but otherwise normal
3. The diffusion is mildly impaired, but when corrected to aleveolar volume it is normal
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I'd suggest finding a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. Search online and read about it to decide if they could help :)
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You are having breathing difficulties because of the airway disease.  This may be linked to your other health problem.  Your lung problem may be as a result of long term exposure to smoke or other irritants.  You may find that some triggers may set your breathing to be worse, like being in a smoked filled or stuffy room, being exposed to the cold weather and some animal dander.

You really need to discuss this with your doctor so that you be given the correct medication to help you to breathe properly.  The doctor will probably prescribe bronchodilators for you to use and give you instructions how to use it correctly and then monitor you from time to time.

Best wishes.
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