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Cold, Allergies, Flu?

So, it started 2 days ago with clearly my throat, slight cough. Then it turned consistent cough and sinus pressure. Thankfully it was fall break from school so I had two days off. The first day I slept till 6 o'clock at night from falling asleep at 8 o'clock the night before.  I woke up with a painful headache and sinus pressure in my face. I was congested with a mild fever, so I went on the attack. OTC allergy and cough liquid medicine, echinacea tea, immune booster tea, neti pot saline rinses, vitamin C chewable's, chicken noodle soup, steam showers and rest. It is day three, the congestion has turned into off in on congestion with a runny nose when not congested, a consistent cough with me trying to get the mucus out of my chest, to a dry cough. How would I combat against that class starts up again tomorrow and I want to be getting back to at least 80% my voice is not hoarse, my sinus's must be draining with the cough and the mucus in my chest at times, my ears felt stuffy and sometimes wheezed when coughing but that is because I know there was mucus stuck down there is starting to break free. Just any suggestions would be great thank you.
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I have had a persistant dry cough for months now ..and the Doc has prescribed meds but they don't help ..I also have sinus problems
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try Sudafed, its always hel;ped me when I had sinus infections, u can take mucinex for the mucus, Tyenol cold and sinus congestion, and Claritin allergy if its allergy related, get losts of rest, Vitamin A,C& D is a good supplement for sinuses. hope these help u and hope u feel better soon! good luck hun!!!!
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In the wake of the Ebola Virus, SARS, and Bird Flu scares, and now with Swine Flu (Mexico Flu) sweeping the planet, and with the continued overuse of antibiotics giving promise of worse to come, the reader is urged to consider this article in a most serious light.

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