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Pls help me I am 30weeks pregnant and from Friday night 25June I have been feeling like I am getting flue like symptons, sneezing feeling cold right inside your bones, but buy Saturday I was feeling worse I cold not even lift my head from the pillows without feeling the blinding pain that is coming from the headache that I was having, and it was causing me to close my eyes as it felt like I was going to black out if I stand up fast. My nostrils were blooked and that made my head feel like its going to explode.

Lost my appetite I thought I must just try to eat for the sake of the baby but I just did not feel hungry or if I force my self as my husband was getting worried about me not eating I will only eat small portions. But we finally got chicken noodle soup and that was easy for me to eat as it helped with clearing up my nose.

Today Monday 28June feeling slightly better,but norstril is still blocked and I still have the headached but atleast the blinding pain that almost knocked me out is not there. but I sweated last night I have to even wake up and change my nightdress the sheets and the pillow they way they were so wet. I am not sure why I am feeling like this. Is there anything I can take. Help me!!
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Hi Sinds,

This appears to be a viral infection, do not panic, try to avoid medications as much as possible. Keep yourself well hydrated, drink plenty of warm water, consume warm liquids, soup, yogurt, etc. Use saline nasal drops to clear off your nasal block. Take steam inhalations 2-3 times/day. If the symptoms does not subside please do consult your doctor.

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go to doctor..your prego duh.....
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its probably just a normal cold but when you are pregnant it may affect you more.sweating is a good sign as it means your body is getting rid of germs.you should probably go see a doctor though
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you do sound like you are suffering with the flu,but as you are pregnant you should go to your doctor to get your blood pressure checked,it could be high or even lowand that could be what is causing the headaches,keep me postedand good luck hope you feel better soon.
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