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Constantly getting cold with stomach issues.

I've been constantly getting sick almost every couple of months for the past few years now. I have mostly ignored it since the symptoms were never too serious, but I've decided to ask for a further opinion since it's really getting in the way of work now. Most of the symptoms are pretty in line with a cold - I usually have a runny nose, a fever, and constant coughing or sneezing. What's less common is that I usually end up getting stomach issues along with them. I end up getting diarrhea and constipation (a weird combo), and occasionally ended up puking. I did some research myself and it seems likely that I might have this due to more poor diet causing low vitamins. I recently did a blood test and found myself very low on Vitamin B and Vitamin D, along with white blood cells on the slighly lower side. I also have very bad lipid panels along with deficieny in calcium, iron, and selenium.

Any help in regards to this would be great! I've only recently (last week) turned my diet around, and I just came down with a cold a few days ago. Or if any additional information is needed.
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While waiting for your new diet to take effect have you tried supplements? I take elderberry gummies to help support my immune system and they work pretty well.
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