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Cough and congestion

What is the best medicine for cough & congestion?
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Well, that would depend on each person. I like mucinex to keep mucus flowing.  It thins it. They also tell you to drink a lot of fluids as well to help keep mucus thin. the reason why that is important is because if it is thick, it's more likely to stick and clog and that's when it can fester and become a secondary bacterial infection (bronchitis, sinusitis).  For a cough, I use Delsom which is an otc cough suppressant. But coughs are usually actually a good thing as the reason for it is to move congestion through your system. Don't move it? That's again when secondary bacterial infections can happen.  I personally take ibuprofen or tylenol, drink lots of nice tea, take my mucinex, maybe some honey and rest. That gets me through most viruses. See if your doctor if the symptoms persist or worsen.
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