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Coughing and sore throat

So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
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Drink lots of warm to hot fluids ( milk with Ginger)...
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I had this a few weeks ago, and my doctor told me it was most likely either allergy related or that the change in weather could be causing this.

I agree with Dazi, drink warm fluids and see where it takes you! I hope you feel better!
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If you don't have white spots in your throat (indicating strep) or yellow or green mucus, I would say it's just a common cold.  I always feel worse in the morning and at night in terms of my allergies or when I'm sick.  
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