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Cracked nostril will NOT heal...

I had a cold several months ago, which lasted only a few days.  I was left with a 'dripping' nose...  and, more annoyingly, a cracked nostril.  I don't seem to be able to rid myself of this.  The GP initially gave me anti-biotic cream, which I was to use for one week, and which he said should turn into two.  It did nothing.  I was then put on oral anti-biotics, 500mg strength, but these only helped make the crack smaller and less painful.  It is now back, bigger and better and uglier than ever!!   Can anyone help with how to get rid of this........ pleeeeeeeease??
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Welcome to the site and the community. Although I am not able to help you with your specific question, please give it time. There will be
someone who cares and someone who can give you great advice. If you do not get a reply within two days, please repost your question/concern.
I know personally that this is a great place and it's all about people helping people, but because of every day life, sometimes with so many posts,
it is possible you might need to repost. If this is something that needs attention now, you can call for an appointment with your doctor, if it is not
an emergency go to urgent care (to save money) but if it is an emergency, please go to the ER. If this is something you are having anxiety over,
I have some basic but strong tips/techniques to use until you get help, please just message me and I will send them to you. Thank you and I
hope you are helped soon.
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I alllways get little sores in my nose and I get scabby cracks after having a cold too :(

Sadly, they hardly ever go away and they bring tears to my eyes when I knock them!
Well firstly, you said one of the creams worked and made it go smaller but it's coming back? Is this because you stopped using the dream?

Keep your fingers away from it!
- Your nails hold more bacteria than a toilet seat ha! Dont pick at it, no matter how sore. CONNSTANLY keep it moistorized. Never let it go dry!

it will go in time, it just takes ages with cold sore like cracks... believe me I know! Keep applying your creams and oral meds. Drink looots of water too, it've very good for healing the skin. One glass when you wake up and one before bed is always the best way to go about it.

-I'm not a dr by the way, just a little advice is nice though!
Please keep me informed how it all goes <3
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The Doc reckons that the cream, Bactroban, was the incorrect cream for the infection I had....  hence it didn't work.  The cream made is shrink, simply because it was an anti-biotic and was being applied regularly.  It should have made the sore disappear within 24-28 hours, but I was to apply the cream for 7 days to make ABSOLUTELY sure the sore had gone for good and would not return.  This never happened.  Wrong cream for the infection.  If I could get hold of Naseptin, I would be laughing!!!!!  They have this in the UK, and it absolutely 100% always works.  
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