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Feels tongue pain inner of mouth redness

Can any one help me by answeing my question. I am afraid of this. I am feeling tongue pain by middle,down, front and side of the tongue and pain in the chin.I have also throat redness.I have no fever,bleeding,cough but excess of saliva.I gone to doctor and he tested cbc pbf and the results: White blood cell 7690 /Cmm( Range: 4000-11000);  

ESR 22mm(Range:0-10) and MPV 13.1 fl (Range:8-9.5) others are in between range.

Moreover, Before 6 months and 4 months done same test. WBC was 11500.
I am thinking about, why the WBC decreased.
I have no swollen lymph node.
Dr.prescribe me amoxicillin 500mg thrice in a day for 7days.After completing the antibiotic course the redness improved but not gone.I feel a little door closing like sound while swallowing also.Please,any one help me.I am uploading image on my profile.
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Can anyone help me?
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Sorry you are having a hard time.  

Not a doctor just some one who has tried both traditional and alternative medicine.  So has my husband.  

This may be difficult to find; however, try. In Europe they use a 3D body scan. This scan is done by a computer and scan the body for health conditions.  

If you can't find this. Look for a Holistic and/or Functional Medicine chiropractor.  

That knows ANY of the following methods

2. BRT. Body restoration technique
3. This maybe a little hard to find but try. BAX 3000 and BAX AURA

These methods will help improve conditions,  however; is not a cure.  

My husband and I have used all of these methods for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.  

NAET, BAX 3000 and BAX AURA  have a Detox protocol to clear allergies.  Once the DETOX protocol is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

My husband and I have used for other issues such as cold and flu, rashes, viruses, bacteria, blood sugar  thyroid, CELIAC disease, arthritis , inflammation,  exposure to pesticides,  liver disease and so many other conditions.  

Wishing you the best
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