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Flu or pregnancy causing horrible lower back pain?

I was wondering if the flu is the most likely reason to this horrible lower backbpain? Im 11 weeks pregnant and have had a miscarriage at 11 weeks a year ago im worried.
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I have just got over the flu and I had back pain so it may be that, but I would still get checked out and rest up just in case .
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Yes Lower back pain can be caused by lots of things. It can be sleeping wrong which can cause a nerve to pinch in your lower back. It can be from a shift in how you bend to pick things up. It can also be from the flu. I have had problems with my stomach and, for lack of a better word, bowels where I felt like I was having a baby. But call your Doctor if you have one. If not you should get one. you may  not have to even go in. He or she may just ask you other questions and be able to diagnose the problem much better because he will know more information from you. Do you have Diarrhea or Constipation. Do you have any spotting. Do you have pain anywhere else. Does it feel like period cramps? things like that. If you don't have a doctor find one and start prenatal care. It is worth it. My Friend has had 4 miscarriages and is 5 months pregnant now finally. She was worried like you this time considering what she went through before but all her symptoms this time were nothing. she never would have known if she didn't go to a doctor. Se couldn't afford a doctor so she got on medicaid. Thats what it is there for. I pray you  have a healthy baby. Its worth seeing a physician.
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I am in a child development class and am learning about these things. It could just be that your back is in pain from the weight. IF you have the flu and are pregnant, I seriously beg you to immediatley see your doctor! As this could be dangerous to baby. Dont take any meds unless recomended by your doctor.
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Thanks for your comments. I have a family doctor i will call her tomorrow since shes off thursdays. I havent taken any meds and my fever hasn't gone to high. My back pain has eased a bit. I have an ultrasound next wednesday so hopefuly i will see a healthy baby. Its very scary being so sick and pregnant with a previous miscarriage. I just want everything to go well.
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Of course you do and it is scary, I am sure you will be okay good luck let us know what happens
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