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Help! Cough that won't go Away

I have been sick for 7 weeks!! It started with a  horrible dry cough, runny nose. It wouldn't go away, so I went to the walk-in clinic and they said it was a virus. Then it still wouldn't go away, I then went to the walk-in again....they said I had Bronchitis and gave me Doxycycline and  Prednisone. It still did not work, I went to my regular doc and had a chest x-ray and they told me I had Pneumonia and he gave me Levaquin. In the meantime I took some Asthma tests (per my doctor's suggestion) and found out I have Asthma. I was given Pulmicort and MaxAir. My cough still wasn't going away and my tongue was extremely swollen. I went to the walk-in once again, they gave me a Nebulizer Treatment,Prednisone, and Nystatin for oral thrush. They said to come back if it didn't get better, which of course it hasn't. I then was tested for Whooping Cough, they did the swab through my nose and also did bloodwork. I have not got the results back yet, but in the meantime I was also prescribed  Azithromycin. I have taken three doses of the Azithromycin and still do not feel any better!!! I do not know what to do?! Nothing is working and I can't take this anymore..........
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Each of those treatments taken separately are reasonable for each diagnosis

What isn't reasonable is that you don't sound like you're trusting one doc (your regular doc) to help coordinate all of the same care.

That's why you're getting all of these different opinions.  For example the doc that tested you for pertussis (whooping cough) may not have if they knew you'd been on doxycycline and levaquin, which can be helpful to cure this.

You need to go trust 1 doc to coordinate all of your care.  Then you won't get so confused by all of these seemingly discordant treatments.
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The reason I didn't go to my regular dotor all the other times is simply because I can never get in. He is almost always booked up. All the docotrs that I had seen did know of the medications I had already been on, and my history of what had been happening. Also, the Pertussis came back negative. I do have an appointment to see my regular doc again on 1/7/08, but what do I do in the meantime???
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I am going through the EXACT thing.  I have been sick for 9 weeks now.  I was first prescribed a zpack for what was supposed to be a sinus infection... then they thought it went to bronchitis... and I was given Augmentin... and it didn't help AT ALL. They then put me on Levaquin... and I felt better for a few days... and now am totally sick all over again.  
I am miserable....  and totally feel you about not being able to take it anymore.  I started crying this morning, because I'm exhausted from being sick.  I am so unhappy.  

Will you let me know what your doctor ends up doing?    ***@****
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I'm glad you gave the history to the other docs, that's reassuring, many people don't do that.

try to call your doc and ask why you're not getting better, i'd be primarily concerned about the asthma.  Perhaps asking for a longer course of oral steroids could help.  This can be prescribed over the phone by your regular physician based on your symptoms of asthma not improving.  If you can give them peak flow measurements, that helps.
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We seem to have the same or something similar in SE PA.  My Mother lives with me and she caught it on the day after Christmas and I caught it on New Year's eve.  I was gobbling Vitamin C before I caught it but that did not fight this thing off.  It started as a heavy cough, then headache, then some sniffles.  Now, it just makes you cough.  Some days, you wake up thinking you are feeling better and have it all behind you.  Then, overnight it sneaks back and hammers you down again.  I do not have asthma and rarely get sick.  My Mother had her flu shot and has not been sick in 2 years.  We are sick now and I don't remember anything like this.

I guess we wait for the August heat.
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where in southeast pennsylvania?

2 weeks of illness that gets better then worse, sounds viral

probably not flu if she has the shot

if you've never been this sick, it's worth a visit to the doctor
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It happening all over the country.  Its the goverment spraying chemicals from airplanes thats putting particles into the air thats irritating and infecting the lungs. The cough is the body trying to rid itself of the foreign objects. Look up "chemtrials" on the internet. Good luck
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Look it up. If you are outside during the days they are spraying, you should wear a mask so your not breathing in all those particles.
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i'd expect any chemicals sprayed from planes to quickly deposit and land and stick to the ground.

i'd be more worried about being in a closed space like a small room, with someone who was contagious and coughing & sneezing
Hi. I had this cough for almost three weeks now, I have asthma and the doctor told me to start using an inhaler twice a day. Then I was told to take ventollin expectorant I took it but nothings happening to my cough. Then she prescribed clarithromycin and I took it twice a day for a week. It got better,I had no difficulty in breathing anymore the I rarely cough the whole week. It's been 3 days since I stopped using it cause I finished the whole week of meds. And now my cough is going back. I don't know what's happening. Thanks.
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After 3 weeks to a month, it appears my Mother and I are over the worst of it.  I believe it was some form of bronchitis.  At least that is what the symptoms were like.  I had the heavy cough that made all parts of my body hurt.

Some of the symptoms continue to linger.  If I get the dry cough a few times, I take a cough drop "ricola" and stop it.  The last 4 or 5 nights I was able to sleep.  Before that, I would wake up coughing after less than an hour on my side.  Then I spent the night sitting up and sleeping.  It was better than no sleep.

It seems we caught it on Christmas Eve in a crowded church.  Near the end of the service, a little girl turned towards us and let loose with one horrendous cough.  That is about it.  I look forward to Spring and sunshine.
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These particles are aerosol.  Just as sneezing sends virus germs into the air in a aerosol spray. They do not quickly fall to the ground and stick.  
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I got exactly the same thing. On New Year's eve I had a fever and it seemed like the flu. Then after 10 days or so or cough, fever (up to 102), night sweats, etc.,  I went to the walk-in "urgent care" clinic (I called my regular doc and they said they have "no appointments" -- ever, with Brown and Toland Blue Cross -- sometimes I can get an appointment but it's in like 3-4 months from when I call).  

So the doc said I had walking pneumonia -- no xray, no tests. And she prescribed the z-pack (azythromycin). I took it for the prescribed 5 days and started to feel better, but then about 2 days after I was done, the cough started to come back, and got congestion, more fever, etc.  

The following week I went to the urgent care again, and got a chest x-ray and they said I have pneumonia and prescribed Levaquin. I took it for 5 days, then started feeling better afterwards, though still coughing. But then about a week later the cough starts to get worse in my chest again.  It's now Feb 10 and I have been sick for nearly six weeks and nothing seems to work. I can't get an appointment with my regular doc so have to just keep going to Urgent Care where you sit for 3 or 4 hours with a bunch of coughing people, and the docs are in such a hurry that they don't really examine you well. Plus they don't know your history very well, etc.  

I don't know what to do anymore :(   And we have very good (I thought) company insurance via Blue Cross and Brown and Toland at UCSF in San Francisco, but I can NEVER get a doc appointment there. It's the worst system.

I don't know what to do now -- they've tried two antibiotics.  How long does it take for the cough to come out of my chest after the antibiotic is done? It's been about 10 days again since I finished.

What do I do next? :(
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