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Help very anxious about using navage

Ok so I wasn't feeling great today with my sinuses and had just gotten my navage so I rinsed it out and let it air dry for maybe 30 minutes before growing impatient and just throwing a bottle of purified water in it and using it. Shortly after using it I got an insane anxiety attack about the fact that there was still residual tap water in the tank before I used it and I am very worried I got brain eating amoeba. Are my worries un founded? I could really use some help thanks
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When they talk about amoeba found in water that you can safely drink but shouldn't use in your nasal passages, they mean unfiltered water (untreated, not disinfected) and it would have been the first time you used it. Amoeba don't just show up if not previously there.  It IS important to use filtered water which it likely was the first time or you'd be as much at risk then. Many neti pots/nasal lavage have filters to trap microorganisms.  I understand the fear of using older water but would not be overly concerned.  The bigger question is if it was disinfected water to begin with.  
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I hadn't used the pot before today as I just got it delivered but my concern is that I didn't let the water tank dry before I used it and that the tap water that was left over would be enough
I made the mistake of using google and finding cases of people getting the amoeba from using a neti pot with tap water
If you used treated water or boiled water when you did use it, you are fine.
I did use a bottle of aquafina when I did use it but if cause the little droplets of tap water have me going into almost nonstop panic mode
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