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Horrible Pain in Throat, fever, cold, and coughing up phlegm with blood

So last tuesday i had a slight cough it wasnt bad at all. Wednesday and thurday as well i bad a slight cough. Then friday morning i woke up with pretty bad build of phlegm in my throat and i had some pain in my throat. Keep in mind this was about 3 in the morning and i couldnt sleep because my throat was hurting and it was itchy as well and i had to get up and spit like every 10 mins. So that night i went to medicine cabinet and took the last of some otc cough medicine that i had and then i was fine and was able to sleep. Then i woke up that morning and felt a slight fever and was feeling a little bit weak.i just rested all day until i went to work and i was fine at work i just took it a little slow i didnt feel a fever anymore. Then that night on Saturday at about 2 in the morning i woke up to horrible pain in my throat and very bad wheezing from the phlegm and i couldnt spit it out because it hurt so bad trying to because of my throat being in so much pain. But then i was able to go back to sleep but then i woke in the morning with a high fever of 102°F/38°C and all the same symptoms i was having at night but they got even worse. My mother made me breakfast i couldnt even eat. So i went to the doctors that same day they told i had an infection and gave me ibuprofen, antibiotics, and some type of cough syrup. I took all the medicines and i felt better i was losing my voice as well but it came back when i took the medicine. So then i go to sleep and again i wake up at about 3 in the morning (sunday) and the pain in my throat is horrible and unbearable and i also have all my other symptoms again except for a fever. That night i must've woken up at least 10 times because of the pain and coughing. So then again i wake up in the morning and i have a fever again this time it was very hard to get up i then again took my medicine and the fever went away but i still had the horrible throat pain and phlegm. But with the help of the 600mg ibuprofen my throat pain toned down a bit and i was able to finally spit out all that phlegm (sorry if thats gross to you) but then i take a look at the phlegm and i see little bits of what appears to be blood. This is now my concern because i was told i just had an infection. I have not had a fever anymore just my throat is still very much in pain ( today which is monday) im just very concerned about what looked to me as blood in my phlegm and why my throat is in horrible pain. I do not have step throat they checked for that at the doctors. So my question is what could possibly be causing possible blood in my phlegm and horrible throat ( as soon as ibuprofen wears off the pain comes back) please help!! Thank you for reading sorry i know this is very long.
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