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How do I improve my chances of getting rid of the bug I have

I don't know what to do.

During the end of the week (October 7th)
I started experiencing coughing (which did just sound deeper when only lying down), coughing up phlegm, a bit of a sore throat, fever, night sweats, experiencing a drowsiness I couldn't shake off (even after 3 days at my place of study which is not like me) and a sore throat that became part of my everyday life (hurting when eating, drinking any drinks, coughing, swallowing my own saliva and becoming more painful at night). (night sweats and extreme drowsiness ended before I went to the Doc) On October 16th I went to the Doctors and he prescribed me with some antibiotics (5 days worth)
(today) October 21st my throat still hurts (might sound funny but for awhile the pain shifts from just being on the right hand side to the left hand side of my throat otherwise the pain is just all across), am coughing the same, phlegm still coming up and my neck hurts when pushing my fingers over it.

I wouldn't mark the pain I have now as a 10/10, it just hurts, it's yuck what I cough up and I really want it to be gone and not lead on to being and feeling like this for 3 weeks+

Is this what a normal version of a cold/flue bug is like?
What can I drink to clean out my throat that could/would kill bacteria causing this?
and Is waiting a couple weeks the only option I have?

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Hi!! I don't really know what is going on with you. BUT from having colds and bugs and flus and what-not. I do know something that helps A LOT. Mix a cup of warm water with a tsp of apple cider vinegar and some honey. When I was younger I would get sore throats that were so bad that I couldn't talk for days. Eventually - I would listen to my dad and take this, and after a couple days, my sore throat would be completely gone. Now I take it regularly and rarely ever get sick. Good luck!!
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