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I got cold/flu at least 7 times the past year, why?

I'm not normally someone who goes to the GP or seeks medical help as I haven't really had any problems and like to just power through minor illnesses of which I normally do.

However, I have gotten ill a ridiculous amount of times the past year, and the year before actually. It seems to be getting worse, and it's extremely frustrating.

Is there something I should be worried about and what could I do to improve this poor immunity? I did not get to ill nearly as much few years ago.

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Not sure what type of illnesses you are experiencing but, I had Chronic Bronchitis for almost 6 months this past flu season.  I was told that nothing really had a chance to freeze properly over the winter that everything will be worse this spring.  Hope you get answers you need and feel better soon.
Thanks for replying. They have all been just a combination of colds and flu's, with similar symptoms but I could tell the illnesses were different because of the order the symptoms came through, etc. I did recover from each one within 1-2 weeks too, I'm just curious at why I was so susceptible to illnesses when a few years ago I would have said my immunity is quite strong.
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