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I would like to know why?

I'd like to know why?
So it's been quite a few years since I've been suffering from acute tonsilitis. No doubt it never lasts more than three or four days but it is absolute torture and I could never get used to it. I might sound overdramatic but it is truly how I feel. I probably have a very low tolerance level but it even makes me feel suicidal. Especially because the first night is absolutely dreadful. It robs my sleep and so I'm up all night painfully swallowing my own saliva and crying myself to sleep. It feels as though a chainsaw it stuck in my throat and sometimes it even feels like it's bleeding. It is just the most painful thing ever. My dad would keep telling me my immune system is weak and so I would get it and so I decided to fight it by changing my lifestyle. I started a healthy diet and exercise and the results are evident. Also hygiene is something I am not too bad at. I keep my house clean daily and wash my hands frequently. Not only that but I stopped drinking any cold liquids including cold water. Every thing I eat or drink is at room temperature. To my surprise, my brother recently fell sick and lo and behold, I got the infection. I am so disappointed and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Everytime I get it I remember one of my friend's mother telling me that she suffered from the same issue and a doctor had given her a tablet and after that day she never got it again. Thatdoctor has passed away, she doesn't remember the name of the tablet.
Thank you if you made it this far.
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Unfortunately, there is no pharmacological agent that will defend you against tonsillitis for the rest of your life. Tonsillitis occurs due to various pathogens both viral and bacterial. The inflammation of the tonsils is simply an immune response. If it is due to a bacterial infection it can be treated with an antibiotic. This was probably your mother's case. The fact that she never developed tonsillitis afterwards is simply coincidence. If this is having a negative impact on your quality of life you could always consider a tonsillectomy.
My apologies. I was referring to your friend's mother.
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