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Is this serious? PLEASE HELP ME! I'M SO SCARED.

I'm an 18 year old, female, Indian who is a medical school student. Around the first week of February, I ended up catching an acute throat infection, where I  started spitting yellow-green sputum everytime I coughed. The intense coughing stopped after i got on the antibiotic Augmentin-625. This was given by my dad who is not a doctor, but is in the health care industry. Our family is not one who visits doctors for the common flu and etc. Anyhow, It's been almost more than a month now, though the intensity of the cough has reduced, I still keep coughing frequently, during which i seem to bring out small amounts of white sputum. they are of very small quantities. sometimes when I am in class, I mostly wouldn't be able to get it out of the system. I seem to have developed a situation where i have to cough it out and clear my throat. I can still feel some amount of residual infection still present. But the thing is, I started another course of antibiotics Taxim,(around 2 weeks ago) of a stronger strength, I took it for like 4 days, but had to stop after a while, since the side effect of diarrohea was a bit too much to handle.
the thing is, I'm scared whether this will get resolved soon or not, could someone tell me a treatment plan, because I do not have time to visit a doctor any time soon,because my course work in college at the moment is hectic.
Thank you so much in advance!
Please help me out!
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Square one is to have the sputem cultured to determine exactly what antibiotic this is sensitive to. Augmenten-625 is not effective against many species of bacteria. There is no such animal as a "stronger" antibiotic. There are different antibiotics effective against different strai9ns of bacterial. There are also side effects pof Taxim. Taking Taxim for four days and discontinueing will bcause you to have a bacrteria unresponsive to medications of that class.

It is possible to die from a bacterial infection that remains untreated.

If you "don't have time" to see a doctor, then you should consider the fact that you may infect others and that you may end up with a heart infection, septicemia, and die.

You need to have the sputem cultured, the organism identified, and then an appropriate treatment initiated.

That should be your priority.
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Go to a TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and ask for Bronchii Tea. It's not that tasty but in a half an hour you will be coughing up so much lung congestion.  You may also want to ask for a prescription for Z-pack, it works fast and is usually just a 5 or 7 day course. You shouldn't have any intestinal issues
Good luck
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