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Itchy rash after flu / influenza

Came down with influenza right after Thanksgiving.  I haven't had the flu in probably 10-12 days.   I had "the works" of symptoms.  Fever, fatigue, aches, night sweats, chills, and cough, etc.

Anyway, fever broke and sweating let up last Friday.  But on the same day, I broke out in a mild rash.  It is moderately itchy on my hips, arms, legs, and trunk.  If I don't scratch it, it is barely visible. But if I scratch, I get hive-like welts that appear quickly and then the itch is worse.

It seems worse first thing in the morning and then later in the evenings, but is ok at night and during the day (thankfully.)

I know rashes can be triggered by viral infections such as the flu.  There are lots of cases of rash after flu on the web, but most are for children.

Has anyone here ever gotten a mildly itchy rash after the flu?  And if so, how long did it last?   I've read anywhere from 3-5 days, 7-10 days, and up to 2 weeks.   I'm at day 6 now.  Sigh.
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Sorry for the typo.  I meant I haven't had flu for 10-12 years (not days)
My husband and I are recovering from a strong flu December 2017 caught in San Diego. 10 days since I caught the flu and on day 7 started getting a rash on my neck and chest. I am an adult female 50+.  It is light pink and smooth but itches.  The rash appears mostly in the evenings then disappears.  I have no history of skin rashes or allergies. My husband has no rash.
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It is true that flu can cause a fever with a rash but usually only in children. Even though influenza rarely causes a skin rash in adults, it isn't impossible for it to happen, especially if the person has a history of skin rashes caused by allergies. On how long the rashes will last, it depends on the types of allergies you have.
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Yesss well not like I have kept track all my life of how often or not I get hives. My daughter first got hives when she was about 18mos? Can't quite remember now but she had broncolitis (doctor diagnosed via x-ray) and told me just to give her plenty of rest and enough water, nutrient senses juices. She had a fever, congestion, lethargic, you know a whole thing. After she was getting better, or at the drop of the last day of that fever, she broke out in hives on her chest, belly, and arms. After this, within a couple days she was back to her usual self. Then, this winter, I came down with a flu, don't know which one, a flu, with a fever, wet cough, bad headache, etc.... After the fever went down finally after three days of lying in bed  (no doctor for me, fought the flu myself with soup and juices, tea), here I am the next day with hives?! Itchy as heck, I also have a post-viral cough, sore throat currently. No more fever or symptoms of flu.
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I had an all over body rashes following a bout of Mononucleosis. They were never clear whether it came from the Mono or from the penicillin. As a precaution, I don’t take penicillin. Not sure what or if anything you were given to treat your illness but could be your immune system in overdrive or a reaction to something you took to relieve your symptoms. Good luck... 2 years later lol
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