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Long lasting cold

I am 15 years old and about 7 weeks ago i got a mild cold. Mostly I had symptoms of coughing (mostly clear mucus) but on one or two days I had a stuffy nose. Usually my colds don't last more than two weeks but this one seemed to linger around for ages. I was going to go to the doctor but then it started to calm down a bit. However, it was still here and although it was probably only around 2-5 coughing fits a day it seemed unusual for it to last so long. It was still here this week and yesterday i woke up with a blocked up nose. This has now cleared but I have a sore throat and keep coughing, much like I did last time. Do you think I could just have a very poor immunity system or could it be something more serious? This bears in mind the fact that I don't get colds that often, when I do they don't last for long and my immunity system cannot be that bad as I am naturally immune to TB.
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many folks cough for many weeks to months after a cough

after 3 weeks of cough, i usually ask my patients to see me since i start worrying about pertussis then

post-nasal drip (your blocked up nose) can cause cough too
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hi i to get a long lasting cough that wont shift however i went to the doctor and he gave me codeine cough medicine and after a month of coughing it was gone after a few days and from the first night i slept through without coughing waking me up if you dont want to see the doctor try buyinf pholcodeine from the chemist its almost as good and much better than other medicines
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do you get headaches or does it hurt when you press on your cheekbones.  you could have a sinus infection.
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