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Phlegm with streaks of blood in the morning

Hello. I've recently had a cold and lately I've noticed that every morning when I spit out some phlegm there are streaks of blood in it. When I started coughing, it wasn't there then but after a few days of coughing really heavily it started. It only happens in the mornings though after waking up. No blood comes up the rest of the day no matter how much I cough. It's been going on four about... I don't know, 2 to 4 days now.

The phlegm I spit out is clear by the way, but again with streaks of blood. Should I concerned, or did I just injure my throat or something from coughing too roughly? This has happened before also when I had a cough last year but when the cough cleared, so did this phlegm with blood thing.

Please help. Thank you.
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U really should have your doc check you for TB. I know most people think it isn't possible because TB only affects poor people but that is why "normal" people walk around spreading it to other "normal" people and doc's don't catch it. TB is thought to be the next pandemic so you really should specifically go to your doc and not leave until he tests you so if you do have it you don't spread it around.
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sounds like youve irrated your throat through coughing or it could be coming from your nose, either way any blood in your phelgrem should be checked by a doctor to rule out anything else serious, good luck.
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yeah you have veins close to your skin,,inner and outter,sometimes when you have been coughing for days you may rupture some and thats when you see blood.That is only  what my husband experienced,,and if it doesnt happen all of the time that would be my guess..But it never hurts to go to the dr,,especially if you have been coughing hard and it wont go awaty...hope this helps,,good luck!!
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