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Please help...swollen limp nod (I think)

Hello. I am a 15 year old male and I am very concerned right now. About a month and a half ago, i noticed a lump under my chin and above my adam's apple. I was concerned so I went to my doctor. He explained the whole thing about how lymph nodes work and stuff. He also said it doesn't have characteristics that should be a concern. It was not rough, it was pea sized, and round. He said it should go down in about 2 weeks. Well here I am and i still have it for a month and a half and it still has not shrunk. My question is, is this normal for my age, and how long should it take to go down? (Sorry I posted under this category I didn't know under which one to exactly post)
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I know how that is.... i have a lump on the back/side of my neck that my doctor says is a swollen lymph node. And mine NEVER goes away. It will grow and then shrink back down. But doesn't ever go totally away. Ive had it for as long as i can remember. If your doctor doesn't think it should be of much concern then i wouldn't worry about it... but if you need to put your mind at ease or double check, go see ur doctor again. It wouldn't hurt :o)
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Sorry i did'nt see your question sooner. I get them every so often and you don't need to have a sore throat to get them. Some times it's your bodies way of fighting off infection. Yes, even a cold sore will do it. Your teeth will cause them to swell also. It's always good to go back to your Dr. just in case but, don't freak out. It may just be your body fighting something. Good luck and keep in touch when you find out or it goes away. I had each side swell to golf ball size and it took almost a month to completely go away. Turned out to be a tooth ache coming on.
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If it is the same size and there are no others appearing I would accept your doctors advice and ignore it. If there is a change however, (eg if it is sore) go back and see the doc.
I would not get too worried about a pea sized lump - if you look hard enough you will find others. We have nodes all over. If it will help - let the doctor examine you again to reassure you that it is not growing or anything.
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Well its April 7th and it still has not gone down. It remains the same size. When I touch it around it shrinks and expands, shrinks and expands, and etc. like that. The lump is attached to something, smooth not rigid, and symmetrical.
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I am 20 yr old male I just noticed tht I have a little pea sized lump just above my Adams apple, in front off neck just not far from under the chin, I noticed it does get really small if I turn my neck so am looking up and turn my head to the side it gets small or goes,  and I also noticed when I tense my tounge muscles or muscles in my chin it goes, just worried anyone know wt this could be
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