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Post nasal drip lingering from bad sinus infection

I got a cold mid-February which turned into a sinus cold. The sinus congestion cleared up and then I had severe post nasal drip, where for nights I would just cough. The coughing was so bad it restarted my acid reflux (which I havent had in 8 years but thankfully it cleared up shortly after the coughing fist were done).  Finally after using both a steroid nasal spray and nasal rinse, it began to clear up a bit but if I dont drink enough water I get tightness in my throat and it also gets sore. I also clear my throat after eating much more than usual (always had a bit but it's much worse now). Also I should mention, when I blow my nose, it's clear and sticky. Is this post nasal drip or something else. Picture below. Please Help!

Pic of mouth:http://imgur.com/a/pbeaAOQ
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Hi, sorry I am just seeing your post.  That had to be driving you nuts, I hate post nasal drip and when it is sticky?  Ugh.  I'm a big fan of Mucinex until it is gone as it keeps it thinner and less annoying or able to get trapped and fester into an infection.  So, keep that in mind next time.  Is it better now?  If not, I'd suggest a neti pot.  This is also called nasal lavage as well.  It basically uses a little pot to clean out your sinuses.  My husband swears by it!  He has chronic problems and this helps keep him functioning.  I think ibuprofen is good during it also as it reduces inflammation and irritation from it (which is uncomfortable).  Anyway, give us a status report of where you are at now and we'll go from there.
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