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Recurrent fever episodes and other symptoms.

Hi, i keep having recurrent episodes of fever for the past few months. Fever with lethargy, night sweats, sometimes sore throat, body ache. Or it will just present as fever with no other accompanying symptoms.

Previously i do fall sick easily but it was not as often as now. Since a few months ago, the fever can last up to a week then it will go away for a few days and then return again. Sometimes i feel ok and don't feel feverish but when i check my temperature, it is usually at 37.8degC-38degC. When i do feel feverish, it is usually higher than 38degC.

Went to see a doctor, did a full blood count(fbc). Result shows increased wbc and atypical mononuclear cells. This is something new as my other previous fbc tests results usually only shows 'rbc shows ovalocytosis' or 'target cells present' or just a normal result. The doctors says it is ok regarding the AMC and there is nothing to worry about and my temperatures weren't high enough to make them worry apparently. The fever episodes continued.

A few days back i had another bout of fever which i am still having till today accompanied with lethargy, body ache, scratchy/sore throat, night sweats.

Should i go for a full body check-up to find out what is causing the fever episodes? I did ask a few doctors and they keep saying it's viral, viral, viral. I don't feel well, really lethargic and tired most of the time, and also really exhausted from having frequent bouts of fever.

Opinions please?
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I forgot to mention that sometimes i seem to have trouble swallowing.. and i get pain at mid-upper abdomen after eating.
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