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Severe Sore Throat

Since about last Saturday(1/26), I started to develop a sore throat. It was very slight then so I started taking precautionary measures (Vitamin C, NyQuil, gargle saltwater, etc.) It started progressing to something worse. Around Tuesday (1/29) I woke up not feeling well at all. I'm a college student without a car at a BIG university so I don't have easy access to see a doctor. I did make an appointment with the nearest health center. I had a 103 fever. I was given tylenol to reduce. I thought I had strep. My only symptoms at the time were a fever and a severe sore throat. The quick test came back negative. They took a culture sample which later came back to be negative. Since then, my throat has not been better, but I no longer have fevers. I do not have other symptoms.

The only problem is that my throat is so bad, that I can not swallow anything including saliva or even food. I can manage to drink water though. I've tried to eat all kinds of foods, icepops, teas, soups, soft foods, applesauce, etc, it seems that any type of food just seems to BURN my throat. I have not eaten well in a few days. It does not hurt so much to swallow when I manage to clear the phlegm out but clearing it out is the hard part. I'm at wits end because I don't know what is wrong with me.

If anyone has some insight, I would really appreciate it.
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It could be a variety of things. The fact that is has been ongoing and has not gotten better tells me you need to do something else and fast.

Since your fever is gone, I doubt it's bacterial. I mean it could be anything from epiglottis to tonsilitis. The latter being more suitable. I would definetly watch for more signs such as enlarged or sore glands on your neck or headache.

Either way just for comfort, I would seek medical attention.
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You need to go back to the health center and see a doc. It needs attention. Sounds viral but with a high fever, don't mess around
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