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Should I be concerned?

I went to the doctor to get my ears checked because they still felt full four weeks after my cold. One of them the nurse said looked fine and the ‘membrane’ was shiny. The other was too full of wax for her to see so she had to irrigate it. I know that ear canal is a little narrow, but she was looking around and said she still couldn’t see the membrane. She called the doctor in and the doctor said I might’ve torn it. She also said I shouldn’t worry and it would heal by itself in a couple of months, but after looking on the internet, that seems wrong to me? Am I right in thinking that the membrane is my eardrum and if they couldn’t see it, it must be completely gone, not just torn? And wouldn’t I need surgary? Also, wouldn’t it have been dangerous to irrigate an ear with a ruptured eardrum?
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Hm, this is what I think . . . just googling symptoms on the internet is scary.  Always.  Try not to do that.  Your doctor has looked at it and given you his thoughts.  See if he is right and let it heal.  If it doesn't, then it's time for the next step.  TRY not to pick around yourself.  My son ruptured an ear drum when he was young . . . it bled.  And it hurt.  And he was fine a month later.  Like it never happened.  That's just my experience but since your working with your doctor, be patient and let it heal.  Sorry that all happened.  Sounds like a nasty illness.  
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