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Should I go see my doctor again or wait it out?

I've been sick for 4 days now. it began with a tickle in the throat and then congestion in the nose and pressure in the ears and behind my eyes.Since I have COPD my doctor prescribed me a new inhaler and advair to help my breathing as I was having a bit of trouble at the time. Now I got this horrible cough and chest pain when I do, like a burning sensation. by now my congestion is gone so no runny nose or pressure like before. I have coughed up yellow mucus streaked with blood (very little blood) only twice. but haven't since. I wrote it off as irritation but this cough and burning sensation in my chest has got me worried. and I dont want to go to my doctor again for it if it is just the aftermath of my cold.
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It can take longer for your lungs to recover. I have asthma and get a burning in my lungs from coughing a lot. I would just leave it for a few more days, unless you get worse or start coughing up grey mucus or hear a cracking noise when you breath (those are signs of pneumonia).
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an aftermath of a cold is feeling better.  burning and chest pain is not good. you would know if its bruising from coughing, it will feel like a tender tug ache hug where u cough.  it shouldn't burn.  u should go back.. or better yet.. go to urgent care that what and extra fifteen buck visit? they have cat scans and xrays at those places usually.  you can't play around when u have copd.. you don't want to be in sepsis and not know it..
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i was a little concerned actually not of your lungs but for heart.  inflammation of the heart can act like your symptoms.  if let go just a day or two too long sometimes is unrecoverable.  lost my father that way.  i think its called pericarditis. or something like that.  if u have insurance, u got nothing to lose.
Thanks... I'm going to go see a dr at urgent care. Dont have insurance. But going to head in anyhow.

Thanks for the concern. Im just never sure when I should go in or not.
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