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Sinus Problem

If if you sinus is draining at the back of your throat and due to this u hear wheezing or a sound like wheezing  is this normal to hear
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It's called post-nasal drip.  It's when mucus from the nose drip down the back of the throat.  The wheezing can be caused by the attempt to clear the throat more often then usual.  It is normal if accompanied by a cold, but if it lasts for an unusually long time and when you blow your nose it's green then it could be a sinus infection so talk to your doctor.  To ease post nasal drip drink a lot of fluids, especially hot ones like tea, and you can put hot compresses over your eyes (over the sinuses).  A decongestant will also help.  Whenever I get a cold I get postnasal drip.  It's really aggravating.  I hope this was helpful.  
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I have post nasal drip all the time. I've seen an allergist and ears nose thorat dr's and they recommend tons of fluids, hot tea, nasal rinses and to take decongestant or allergy tablets. The next step is to find out what is causing. It happens around nov-feb. Then when I get a virus on top of it, I'M MISERABLE!!!!

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yes it happens to me all the time around nov-feb. I went to the hospital for it once because it became a sinus infection. I usually take sudafed pe and it helps.
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