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Sore throat and armpit lymph node

I had a sore throat that lasted 3-4 days with a low fever 37.6 that lasted for like 2 days. And also my lymph nodes on my neck felt like swollen a little bit,and im alll fine now , but the thing is , i also felt my left armpit lymph node for two days . I mean it wasnt swollen but i felt its existence , so my question is:  is it normal symptom that comes and goes with a viral sore throat , or should i be worrying about something else , cz i heard it could mean alot of things
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Honestly, your temperature was normal.  :>)  37.6 is not really considered a fever. A little elevated, and I mean slightly, happens.  It's a common reaction to a virus.  Sore throats are often caused by viruses of the every day variety that you get just living life and being around people, touching door knobs, etc.  And lymph nodes are also very common and happy as part of our body's natural immune response. They can stay enlarged for quiet while after the initial issue.  It's the time of year in which many have these exact extremely common symptoms and I experienced them myself a week ago and now my son has them.  Viruses are normal.  If your throat becomes very painful to where you can't really swallow and you develop an actual true fever (you don't have one with that reported temp you mention), then you can get a strep swab for your throat. But it really sounds like a simple no big deal virus.  Plenty of rest, fluids should fix you up in no time.  
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