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Sore throat for 3 weeks, what is it?

My throat became sore on July 7th. I had a fever of 103. I took my whole course of antibiotics  and felt fine for a day and then it felt weird again. Also, my throat physically never looked normal. I wish I could add a picture. On each side there is a small oval looking scar or something and my throat looks like cobblestone. And it is red. I have had very slight soreness on and off during these 3 weeks. I should note I do not have tonsils. My lymph nodes on the side of my neck, just under my jawline, is swollen. Today My temperature went up to between 100-101. I don’t know what it is and I am getting concerned. Any advice greatly appreciated. I plan on seeing a doctor if it doesn’t heal by the end of the week as that will make it a whole month of this issue. Thank you.
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Gargle with salt water is a very effective remedy, It can help you get rid of sore throat naturally. Using salt water to gargle can also help you kill bacteria in your throat, These bacteria worsen the symptoms of a sore throat.
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That's a long time for a sore throat and fever.  Best not to ignore that and am glad you are going to the doctor.  I'd try to get in as promptly as you can.  You can always attach a photo to your profile page under photos.  :>))  

I agree that this could be strep.  Sore throat that persists often is.  This article goes through how to tell what kind of sore throat it is https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/sore-throat-cold-strep-throat-tonsillitis#1.  I also agree that certain antibiotics treat certain things and not all give good coverage over all bacteria.  And strep is notoriously resistant.  They now use higher doses of things and antibiotics have additive agents to help them stay potent in killing the bacteria.  So, if you took the full course and are still sick, follow back up with your doctor for the next step.  Knock this out hopefully soon!
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Yeah, I think seeing a doctor is a great idea.

This could be strep throat, a virus - a wide variety of things, but I'm sure your doctor will do a throat culture if he thinks it's strep, or to see if any bacteria grows.

Did you self-treat with the antibiotics? This isn't a good idea, since the antibiotic may not cure the bacteria you have, and this is how antibiotic resistance is created. Let your doctor know what antibiotic you took, though, as that may help narrow down what you have, since it didn't work.

Let us know what the doctor says, and feel better soon!
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