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Strange smell while breaking the flu

I'm a 29 year old male. I just got over the flu. The last time I had the flu was almost 6 years ago and before that was another 5 years ago. Each time while breaking the flu, usually in my sleep and sweating profusely, I experiance a strange heavy smell that doesnt really compair to anything I've smelled before. I guess I can associate the smell with that old smell that comes from a back bedroom at my grandparents house. The smell seems to linger mildly after I break the flu. Has anyone experianced this smell? What is the reason for this smell? Thanks.
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Horrible smell.  Wish I could help.  Just got over the flu as well and
I can't stand the smell in my nose or is it coming from my chest.
Anybody out there know.  Can't take this stuff anymore.
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I know remember this smell from childhood, and when I had flu I got it again, and it created a real nostalgic connection in my mind to the first time I smelt it. On the few occasions it's happened in my life, I've always wondered whether anyone else would know what I'm talking about if I explained it, because there's a certain strangeness to it, and it's so elusive. Thanks for posting, i was very interested to read your experience. Sorry I can't add anything to it.
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Same experience, i believe it's actually a form temporary fever induced memory access.
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your description of a smell sounded like moldy.  you may not have ever had the flu.  may instead a bout with a fungus.  sometimes it's a buttermilk smell.  go to health food store.  they can give advice as to what may help.  i know yoghurt cultures help.
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hi, ive got this now and it is driving me insane as physically i feel fine, i just cant eat or drink anything that is water or salt....... how long did it last?? ive had it for about 2-3 days now and it only seems to be getting worse.
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I always smell beef stroganoff. Kinda like it had been sitting on the counter left out a few days. Glad I am not nuts. I always kept that to myself. Then this evening I started smelling it. I jolted back 20 years to when I smelled it for the first time, the same smell.
is a bit like that too although i said sweet emulsion paint smell i can relate to that
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You're smelling your body's immune response to the flu... dead white blood cells coupled with nasty infection. Ever smelled the puss from a bad cyst zit? I'm guessing that this smells... and tastes, about the same. Really gross. Also,  whoever posted about the beef stroganoff smelling the same as this is lucky they survived eating something so rotten... nasty.
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yes i smell it. Cant place it but its near the tissues the sheets the bedrroom my clothes. Im 52 never had before. Smells sickly sweet creamy smell. Nothing else to compare though but it is there strong. Thats why i googled it and found this. Oh its like sweet paint smell
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