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Strep throat or something else?

My throat feels weird, like theres something solid in it (also when I swallow) + mucus & it's mildly painful--especially when I swallow. My tonsils seem inflamed, they're almost completely blocking the path to the back of my throat. NOT on the tonsils or Uvula, but on the actual throat behind them there are white patches.  Urine is cloudy-looking and has some sort of white stuff floating in it. What does it sound like? My family that lives in my house seem to have the same thing but they tested negative for strep throat. I have not been to a doctor.
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Sorry you aren't feeling good.  So, strep throat is exactly what it says , strep bacteria in the throat.  It has symptoms like intense pain, fever, headache and stomachache.  There are other things that happen to the throat like a virus that can cause the symptoms you have or tonsillitis which is bacterial but not strep.  If your family has been checked for strep and were negative and they also didn't have anything else that warranted antibiotics, then the doctors they saw determined they most likely had a virus.  And viruses are contagious and that would explain why you now have the same symptoms as you likely caught the virus. That's probably what it is.  However, to be sure, if you are not well shortly, you can go to the doctor yourself and have your throat swabbed.  That will tell them on the spot if you need antibiotics or not.  In the mean time, try ibuprofen which reduces swelling and gives pain relief and the old remedy of gargling with salt water.  Hope you are better soon!
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