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Stuffy nose but normal respiratory pcr

I have had a stuffy nose for 7 days. Not runny but just stuffy. Initially I had nausea, tiredness and aches/pains in muscles and joints. I have had numerous COVID, influenza and multiplex Respiratory PCR tests but no viruses detected. There is no fever, sire throat or cough. I don't have any allergies or itchy eyes. Why are my respiratory label tests returning normal when it sounds like some sort of virus.
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Sometimes you just have to go with it and not test or worry 'that' much. People get viruses all the time. Do you have mucinex where you live? That's over the counter in the tates and sure hopes with a stuffed nose. Humidity can help as well such as a hot shower and letting the steam open you up. It doesn't matter so much what you have . . .quit testing (sign of an anxiety disorder) and consider it just a regular old cold virus. No big deal. You'll get through it like everyone else does. Ibuprofen also helps.
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