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Swollen Lymph nodes

It would be great if someone could answer my question re. swollen lymph nodes because I have had  my throat swollen for more than 5 weeks now, although it was calmed down for a bit in that 5 weeks but its got very sore again. Im very worried that it is something serious because i put myself into the firing line when i was drunk 6 weeks ago and had unprotected sex with a sex worker. Im going to have a hiv test next week when i have the money and when the test will be reliable. Is it possible for a person to have a throat infection for such a long time? I'v not had any sensations in any other lymph nodes or i cant physically feel the swelling but i dont know would i be able to anyway when its in my throat. but i have a very sore throat and it hurts when i swallow. where i live has just entered the cold season so its the time for chills- i pray to god this is a cold but am I kidding myself? i did have a fairly severe flu bout about 4-5 weeks ago. the more i think of it the more convinced i have hiv......any help /advice would be very much appreciated and thanks in advance for any  
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you need to see if you got mono because thats what it sounds like. so get that check
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mono is possible, but so is many other possibilities.  You need to be seen by a physician since it's been so long.  5 weeks is too long.  HIV is less likely than other reasons.  Your county health clinic may be able to provide a less costly HIV test.  And it's anonymous.  And you can see a doctor there.
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thanks very much for yr replies im going to go for a hiv test tomorrow because i am a bundle of nerves at the minute i think i better do it now....i had convinced myself in this last week or two that could be ok was still going to go for the hiv test next week but i was more at ease but now the sore throat has come back with a vengeance and without many of the cold/flu symptoms that were present when it was last so sore a few weeks ago and im completely paranoid that its hiv it seems to all point to it....thanks again
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tomorrow, next week, doesn't make a big difference.

if the sore throat's back, it's more important to see your doc rather than the HIV test, that's unlikely to be a reason for your symptoms.
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