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Throat inflammation with body pains

Dear All

Thank you for providing a great service.

I wanted to get a second opinion on my ailment. I have the following symptoms:
1. Throat pain for a week (burns when I swallow something and feeling of boils, but no change in voice)
2. Light greenish brown phlegm in the morning after brushing and gargle but no cough. During the day, phlegm I spit out is clear.
3. I sometimes experience a mild blocked nose but no runny nose.
4. Body pains start in the evening with a slight increase in temp (99F) with burning eyes.
5. This is recurring after 15 days now. The last time I took Mahacef 200, Econorm, Becozules, Steam inhalation and Limcee. Cured me of my fever and most symptoms but not my throat pain. I finally resorted to gargling with edible turmeric powder and in 2 days I was fine.
6. Now, I took a CBC and throat swab test in Doc's advice. CBC is normal except for a spike in Total Lymphocyte count-14K. My throat swab culture came out normal
7. Doc had now prescribed mild antibiotic Azeethromycin, Wikoril and Antacid. I finished the course and am not better.
8. Motions are constipated due to probably antibiotics. I feel hungry a lot although my physical activity is limited. I urinate quite frequently. I sleep well.
9. My blood sugar one hour after eating was 87 mg.

I am 40. Used to run 5K and hit gym on alternate days. I weigh 65kilos. I stay in Bangalore but don't commute to avoid pollution.
Appreciate the help.
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Btw, my chest and lungs are clear. No phlegm there. I can't sit for long due to thigh and lower back pains. I prefer being on the move or lying down currently.
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