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What do I have????

I really think its a cold but here it is.... I have a head ache (When I cough) I feel dizzy and I keep sneezing/coughing. I get really cold easily and I shiver randomly. Theres another symptom to something but I honestly dont think its to do with my possible cold, I feel scared of something for some reason but I do not know what. I get laughed at, at school because my real name is Hester but I prefer Bethany. They say Hester is a stupid name and it puts a pit like thing in my stomach. I THINK thats why im feeling so scared.
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I am sorry for the people at school making fun of your name, that is really immature. I think that is a cool name! It reminds me of my aunt, her name is Esther (pronounced like Ester). But it sounds to me like you have a cold or sinus infection. just get plenty of rest, drink some hot tea eat some soup. Have you been to the doctor? Try taking some cold medicine like Nyquil (which will put you to sleep) or even Sudafed. Or some Tylenol for your headache.
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might be a migraine. you should take Robertson coff and cold  
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Make an appointment to see your doctor (or get your guardian to do that for you).  Or if you are too unwell to see the doctor, ask a guardian to speak with the surgery so the doctor can do a house call.  Although you have symptoms of a cold, because you are feeling dizzy and having shivers, you may have a throat and/or ear infection.  The doctor will also need to listen to your lungs to make sure that you do not have a chest infection as you are coughing.

If you are in Bradford, UK, your guardian (parent) can telephone the surgery telephone number that will be transferred to the 111 service if you phone when the doctors' surgery is closed.  You will be asked questions and they will get back to you and give you information what you should do, decide if you need a house visit or arrange for you to be seen by a doctor at an out of hours venue point, these are sometimes in the local hospital building, or a building next to the hospital, they would tell you where the out of hours surgery is held and give you an appointment if they felt it could not wait for you to be seen by your own doctor in the day time.  You can phone them on Saturdays and Sundays and Bank holidays too. This service is not NHS Direct.

At home, take plenty of warm drinks, avoid milky drinks because this encourages formation of mucus.  You can do steam inhalations, but ask a guardian to supervise you with this so that you do not get scalded by the hot water.  In a bowl pour hot water and some vick or olbas oil.  Bend your head over the steamy bowl and cover your head and bowl with a towel and inhale the steam.  You can also rub vick onto your chest, neck and back.  

Doing this will help to decongest your sinuses and airways.

Take pain relief medication suitable for your age group and follow the directions on the packet if you feel you need it.

Having a headache with all the symptoms that your wrote suggest that your temperature is likely to be raised, taking the pain relief medication should help with the painful headache and reduce any raised temperature.

If you are coughing up yellow or green mucus when you cough, this is an indication that you have an infection.

With regard to your name, there is nothing wrong with your name, either Hester or Bethany.  The children at school saying not nice things to you and laughing at you about this is a form of bullying.  You can either choose to ignore it (which is hard) and show your bullies that you are not affected by it - they will get fed up after a while if they see no reaction from you.  You can agree with them and laugh with them, shows them that you are not bothered and they will get fed up being nasty and stop.

Or, you can speak with your class teacher, school counsellor (if you have one), some schools have groups set up against bullying so you could speak with them, or get a parent to speak with the headmaster of the school that this is affecting you.  No doubt this will affect your school work too by worrying about things.  The problem with this, is that sometimes bullies tend to up their bullying.  You standing up to it and showing that it does not bother you or telling the bullies you do not like it and how would they feel if people laughed at their name, make just shock them into stop doing it and you could become best of friends.

There is bullying in all age groups and in all walks of life.
Talk about your worries to your close friends (those your trust), your teacher, your parents, school counsellor or school nurse.

At primary school, children used to mock me about my name and the colour of my hair.  When they called me carrot tops, the laugh was on them because carrot tops have green leaves not chestnut brown :)

Best of luck and wishing you a speedy recovery.  Let me know how you get on.
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