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Why after high fever go away, lower legs hurt when walking?

My daughter just got over high fever from a viral infection, she complain her lower legs hurt when she walk feet flat on the ground. Now she can’t even walk normally for 2 days now. I am starting to worry waiting for morning to take her to the doctor.  I want to know if the pain will go away?
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I'm sorry to hear this.  Is this better?  I wouldn't think that fevers would be related to foot pain.  Fevers actually serve a really important purpose. They make us feel uncomfortable but it is a response to our body trying to fight off something so we get well.  They typically are not dangerous even when high.  But . . .  since she had a fever, maybe she has some type of infection that is also causing the foot pain.  An abscessed sore?  A blood infection?  Not sure, obviously. So, I'm glad you took her to the doctor.  This is the mayo clinic's information on when to see a doctor for foot pain.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/foot-pain/basics/when-to-see-doctor/sym-20050792  

Tell us what the doctor said and I'd love to chat more about this.
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How are you doing?  Hope you come back and tell me.  
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You might be suffering from weakness. Wait for some days, if leg pain does not reduce or go away, consult your doctor. It might be a sign of some other under disease or disorder.
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