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Why are my ears permanently popped from - cold?

On Monday I began to feel sick - sinuses clogged, overly tired, very sore throat - after getting back from a 14 hour flight. Pretty sure I have a cold, I got ready to suffer through. Thursday, however, upon waking up my left ear was ‘popped’, my hearing distorted, and feels full of cotton - or, I’m assuming, fluid. I tried all methods to get it to un-pop, including heat and holding my nose closed and blowing, but nothing helped. Yesterday morning that ear was fine, but the other one had the same problem. Today it is my right ear again.

I have been coughing severely with a lot of phlegm since Wednesday and none of my other symptoms have really improved. Should I be concerned and any tips about the ears?


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My ENT does recommend the holding of nose to blow but check with your own doctor for confirmation.  I do this as recommended because what you describe is something that happens to me.  There is actually a virus that can cause this called viral labryrinthitis.   https://www.medicinenet.com/labyrinthitis_inner_ear_inflammation/article.htm  I have difficulty with my Eustachian tube and it becomes clogged.  I hear things at a different pitch or tone, ear feels full, sometimes ringing and I can get dizzy.  Another thing that my doctor recommends beside the reverse ear pop technique he taught me is to take an antihistamine.  Not sure why, but it does help.  If this continues, see your doctor.  
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I would not hold your nose to pop your ear because you can push fluid up farther.
Consider seeing your doc to make sure an infection or fluid buildup hasn't occurred, since your hearing is affected because you can end up with damage if you wait too long. People do lose hearing permanently from a sinus issue so don`t wait too long.
You can try an over the counter sinus medicine to see if that clears you up.
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